Weeping at Work


Have you ever cried @ work? What do you think of others who do?

For purposes of answering, don’t limit your responses to whether or not teachers should cry in front of their students. Think also about crying in front of coworkers and/or administrators. 

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I try to stick to Kelly Cutrone’s motto, “If you have to cry, go outside.” This motto made me jump the fence and run to my car after a heated discussion with my dept. and admin. (Later I was commended on being strong, knowledgeable, and fair.) I held my own, calmly walked to my classroom, then left through the back door. (It was my first year teaching and my principal screamed in my face to transfer because I wanted to keep doing inclusion) No one saw me. Tough day. Maybe the toughest so far.

One other time I teared up (which I don’t think counts) in front of my co-teaching partner when she asked me about my grandmother who was not doing well at the time. No real crying mostly just a don’t go there right now type thing. 

Usually I just keep everything that frustrates me to myself and let it all out at bootcamp. That place has seen me at my worst and best, and is my safe place. I can feel all the feelings in the world and not be wrong there. I am allowed to be me-blood, sweat, and yes, tears.